Monday, November 23, 2009


Sisters, it is good, to give thanks unto the Lord. He is good. This week reflect on those things you are thankful for. God is our keeper and sustainer. I am so thankful that he keeps me from harm, that he goes before me and sees what I fail to see. I thank him for my family and that he's brought us through!
I'm thankful for my church family, those who have watched me grow up, and have prayed for me and encouraged me. I am thankful that writing is a venue where I can vent, praise, and reflect.

Do you thank God that he loves you, in spite of you? Are you thankful that he provides for you? Are you thankful that he yet wants to do more? Being thankful does make those around you feel better. If you are being old and crochety, watch everyone run for cover. I'm just sayin' ya'll.

I am thankful to be in this generation where God is setting his kingdom in proper order. It is an exciting time! It is good to be alive in this season and to be a sheep in God's pasture, to feast on his goodness. Ok, I might start shouting right about here. Do you remember where you were when he found you? Don't worry if you don't, there are those happy to remind you :)

I put up some Richard Smallwood for this week, he knows how to give thanks unto the Lord. ENJOY!

Have a wonderful and blessed Turkey day.

your2gether sistah!

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