Tuesday, December 8, 2009


"But thou O Lord are a shield for me, my Glory the lifter up of mine head" Psalm 3:3

What a precious promise to stand on my sisters. If you are a naturally confident womam, this may not be for you. If your head has been bowed down by circumstances remember that the Lord is our Shield and Buckler. He holds us. He sustains us. He keeps us. Thank you Lord!

The cares of this world, and our insecurities, can cause us to bow our heads if we allow them to. Confess, that there is nothing to hard for God. He will be with us in famine and in plenty. We shall not be afraid of the terrors by night or the arrows that fly by day. You know arrows are meant to harm you. Arrows can be low self-esteem, the loss of income, loss of a relationship, a health issue, and so many other things. But the Greater One said. "Fear Not" Say it by faith. Let the King of Glory come in! He's worthy, Hallelujah He's worthy!

I am above all and in all saith the Lord. I am your rear guard. Nothing will by any means harm you. I am with you till the end of this age. Allow me to be your dwelling place. There is peace in my presence and fullness of joy. I can handle it all, give it to me! I am with you in the desolate place, I make a river in the desert. I bind up wounds, I heal broken hearts, I set the captives free! Don't apologize for being my child, I know you in your inward parts. There is a place beside me.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Girls,what are most of us going to do between now and December 25th. Shop, say it with me SSSHHHOOOPPP!!!! Say it slowly. Seriously, it may be a good time to evaluate things like how you are spending your time. I am taking some time to read a few things that will help my future. There is something about middle age, that will make us speed it up a bit. I am reading financial stuff, things to inspire me to "get out of the box." Anything we want to do takes practice. Many of us did not grow up with a built in support system. Many of us did not have the greatest examples, but we serve a great God.

There is nothing wrong with improving yourself, because at the end of the day, others will benefit from your hard work. All of us start from somewhere, some of us had a little more to start with than others, but still we have a great God.

Pray this prayer,

Father God,

I thank you and praise you, You are my God, my refuge and strength.
Lord you saw my beginning, I am trusting you for a great ending.
Lord you said the diligent hand will be made fat,
Lord I put hands to do all I can to be a blessing in words, actions, and deeds.
I see needs and meet them,
I put my hands to do all that you have commanded.
I trust you to see the provisions you have made.
When I pray Lord I know you hear me.
Change Me, O God
I want to be your vessel, a drink offering...
Lord I offer what I have and I trust you to multiply it.

In Jesus name I pray


Love on you
Be your best you
So you can do what you need to do.
Just do your best
And God will do the rest

Peace in this season of Advent!!!



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