Tuesday, May 4, 2010


OK Girls! Today's post is not a ranting raving post. Inhale......Exhale...... It is a simple question. Is your God too small? Don't make this a scary question. It is actually a good question. Is your God the God of the bible? I hope so.

He has done and continues to do marvelous things! As one author put it, we often miss out on where God is working in our everyday lives because we are too BUSY! You know God does speak through people. The people you don't want to hear. Yes, like your significant other or the children. God also did miraculous things and he still does. He is no respecter of persons. Do you need a miracle today? I do.

God also used ordinary people like Mary, Ester, Rahab, and Ruth. When Mary knew she would be with child and it would be a holy thing, she said "be it unto me as you say, Lord" Many of us have stopped believing God to do miraculous things in our lives. We work. We cook. We sleep. As Emril says "Lets kick it up a notch" Ok.




  1. My mother would often point out that God used a mule in the conversion of Saul to Paul. If, she would always continue, God can use a mule, he can certainly use you if you would just allow yourself to be used.

  2. Max

    Thanks for the encouragement!