Monday, November 16, 2009


Ok Sisters, Nothing deep today:) I thought about this song by lauryn hill today. Lauryn's much awaited solo project was called The Misedcation of Lauryn Hill. The songs on the album reflect what she felt she has learned after living a little bit of this thing we call life.

If you haven't been under a rock, you know those closest to Lauryn are saying she is disturbed, confused, crazy......But if you flip this coin over--she's gifted. She got frustrated with what she saw around her and said, "I'm out"
I know her fans hope she will get herself together so we can get the music back....

P.S. I know I said no celebrities on my blog! Well I don't consider Lauryn a celebrity, I believe she is a called out one, I hope she'll answer the call.....

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