Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Every human being thirsts or hungers for something. What are you thirsy for? There was a period in my life where it seemed that everything I tried, failed. Notice I said "I tried". And before you get haughty, you have tried some stuff too.

I finally figured out that my refuge, who had been there all along, was beckoning me to commune with him through his word. Sometimes I didn't enjoy what he had to say. Nevertheless, the more I read his book the more I fell in love with Him. He had instructions for when I was in trouble, when there was hatred in my heart, when I couldn't forgive, when I wanted to harm someone who'd said a careless word.

He is the one who sustains us all whether we believe him or not. I thank him today! He is the living water, and because he is I don't have to drink from anywhere, but from his well. It's not always good, but He is good. Whatever the situation, he has the answer, but you can only find it in his book.

She who hungers and thirsts for righteousness,shall be filled. That's from the book. Yes, you will still have challenges, but you shall be filled. You may not have everything you want, but you'll have what you need. You may find your self friendless, but he is bread for the hungry and water for the thirsty.

When the woman went to the well, she went there for a drink. Jesus was there, he knew she would be there. But he asked her "would you give me to drink" and she knew she had nothing to offer him. She knew he was a Jew, which meant high class, for that day. Jesus had need to go through Samaria, that day. Samaratians were considered to be trash. Aren't you glad to know that he'll come into the trashy places? Sisters hold on to him and he is going to come down your street too. He's going to give you the desires of your heart! (John 4:5-42)

Don't thirst my sisters, for another pair of shoes, furniture, clothes, or a house. Thirst for the living God!

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